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Most Perfect Magic Squares 12 x 12, Interactive Solution based on Basic Pattern Method


On Arie Breedijk’s Website I found a method to construct 12 x 12 Barink Squares as described in Section 12.1, based on the combination of a 12 x 12 square A - composed of nine identical Pan Magic Squares of the 4th order - and two fixed 12 x 12 grids G1 and G2 which can be viewed in the form below by pressing the buttons 'Shw G1' or 'Shw G2'.

This method is based on the hexadecimal representation n = ai + 16 * m of the numbers n = 1 ... 144 with ai = 1 ... 16 and
m = 0 ... 8, which can be rewritten as n = ai + 16 * g1 + 48 * g2 with gi = 0, 1, 2 for i = 1, 2.

Based on the 384 possible Pan Magic Squares of the 4th order, Most Perfect Magic Squares of the 12th order can be obtained by executing the matrix operation MP = A + 16 * G1 + 48 * G2.

The construction method described above has been applied in following Interactive Solution:

Select A

a136 a140 a142 a143 a144
a132 a96 a48

Procedure (Hand):

  1. Select 4 Binaries out of the pairs H1a/H1b, H2a/H2b, V1a/V1b and V2a/V2b with the 4 upper left selection buttons.

  2. Select a sequence (1, 2 ... 24) for the four selected Binaries with the selection button left of the button ‘Shw A’ and confirm by pushing the button ‘Shw A’ (for details regarding solutions based on Binary Matrices refer to Form4b).

  3. Press the button ‘Calculate’ to validate the selection and to calculate and visualise the resulting Most Perfect Magic Square of the 12th order, based on the selected Pan Magic Square and the Pre Programmed Grids G1 and G2.

Procedure (Automatic):

  1. Built a Most Perfect Magic Square as described above, and validate the square by pressing the button ‘Calculate’.

  2. If you press the button ‘Report’, with all 8 Check Boxes checked (default), the report will contain only the Most Perfect Magic Square shown in the form.

  3. By un checking more and more Check Boxes before pressing the button ‘Report’, more and more Most Perfect Magic Squares will be generated. Be careful with un checking to many Check Boxes, it might cause a time out error on your computer.

The algorithm used to generate the Magic Squares automatically is described in Section 12.1.2 and is based on the principle of Conditional Sequential Searching.

At start all independent variables have the value resulting from the constructed Most Perfect Magic Square in the form.

By un checking a Check Box, the related independent variable will vary between 1 and 144.

With only the Check Boxes for the variables a(144) = 66, a(143) = 71 and a(142) = 73 checked, 256 Most Perfect Magic Squares will be generated of which 16 are based on 9 identical Pan Magic squares of the 4th order.

Have Fun!

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